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Love Is Not Enough BOY 
Solo exhibition @ Eighteen Gallery 
Copenhagen, Denmark


19.31 F: I’m sunbathing.

19.31 F: Haha relevant autocorrect. I'm stressing. 

19.41 A: Sometimes you feel behind sometimes ahead, but time doesnt give a fuck.
The feeling should be mutual.

19.42 F: [IMAGE]

20.14 A: Yes baby, looks expensive!

21.05 F: I can't find the photo of me butterfly-facepainted.
Do you have it on your phone?

21.06 A: [IMAGE]

21.16 F: Wow. Gravity.

21.17 A: I wish I had known you as a kid.

14.05 F: This is gonna be the best I have ever made.

15.10 A: I want a coloured spotlight. Flashing.

15.11 A: You know future tense is nonexistent in the Sicilian language. Aeolian nightlife

15.20 F: I don’t speak Sicilian. Sounds difficult.

25 A: But you get why I don't care too much about legacy or bronze sculptures?!
They are fake forevers or empty promises of forever.
I want people to clap while I'm still in the room.

26 A: But actually no, I don't even care about anybody clapping…
I just want to live forever NOW.

16.58 F: I want immortality too. I really believed I could become that in bronze.. or words maybe. But that's my fantasy - it's fragile today. People can clap after I've left the room.
But that doesnt give me back my forever. Or whatever, all days should be endless.
I know nothing, only that little things are key.

16.59 F: I’m full of cliches hahaha. Or just trying to be honest without the fluffy.
These paintings are not made up of illusions.
It's a personal reality check.

10.47 F: [IMAGE]

10.56 A: Is it a poem? Or your allergies?

11.02 F: Both. Everything can kill me. But only in spring they told me.

11.05 A: Super mortal in May.

11.06 F: Peeeeeerfect!!!

11.30 F: Should I place the world's best smile on the flower?

11.31 A: No that would be fucked

17.07 A: 18.32: Squeeeze me squeeeze time

19.21 F: I’m afraid I won't like it and won't be able to undo it.

19.28 A: But they have their backs turned on you right? Swimming towards the horizon.

19.29 F: Need to keep playing. And lose time.

20.12 A: I am on the tube now. Call you later. Leave your infinity pool.

23.05 F: Should I paint it that detailed? Serious, fun and violent.

23.18 A: [IMAGE]

23.23 F: Haha hardcore text. Squeeze all juice out of every second.

23.24 A: Yeah I feel like I am endurance smiling while pissing my pants.
See me run around hunting supercharged minutes.

23. 26 F: Same. Low-key panicking and in love.

23.27 F: Do you think people understand that it's a love story?

14.55 F: I’m gonna sign on the front and it will read: Forever FNL.

14.56 F: The most scary thing in the world is time that will not happen.

Text messages between Nystrup-Larsen (F) in Copenhagen
& Amanda Lydért (A) in London

Love Is Not Enough BOY A solo exhibition by Frederik Nystrup-Larsen Top Bins  Multiplayer Mood
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